Why we do what we do?

Every interior design project, just like every person, is different. So is every interior design company. Some are large, some are small. Some prefer a modern style. Some interior design companies are traditional. A few – like Michele Safra Interior Designs – strive not to impose a design style on a client, but to infer a design style. From a new color scheme for a Miami condo to a radical overhaul of a New York office, each project has its own goals and challenges. As a boutique New York City / Miami Design Company, it’s our role to draw out the spirit, style and personal tastes of the individual or, if it’s a commercial project, the culture and essence of your brand or company. That’s the key to the success of every project. Only then, can our interior design company put your mark on what we do.

That means getting to know what you and your space are about. Which, in turn, is why it’s so important to get to know you and your vision. We’ll take the time to understand your needs, your goals, and, of course, your style. Only then will we set about creating the right solution to satisfy all your criteria.

At Michele Safta Interiors, we understand that it’s important to be flexible too. Along the way, as you see what we can do, you might consider a change of direction. That’s fine. We’ll go with the flow. We might even have a few ideas of our own that could make a great plan even better. Our goal is not to be the best interior design company per se. Our goal is to be the best interior design company at listening to, implementing, and building upon our clients’ design ideas and needs to provide custom interior designs that truly work.

Many clients search for the ‘best interior design company’ in NYC or Miami, Florida. They pursue the unpursuable: the best interior design company. But ‘best’ means so many things to so many different people or projects, that there isn’t truly a ‘best.’ Instead there is a striving: a striving to be the best interior design company, whether in Miami, FL, or New York, NY, means working with each client one-on-one to define the best interior design approach for that client and project. That’s Michele Safra’s design philosophy: starting from the client’s wants, needs, and styles to construct a design that expresses those in an effective yet beautiful design.

The best way to find out is to put us to work for you. Call 212-439-1818 for an initial consultation or email michele@michelesafra.net.