Electric eclectic.

One of the most wonderful aspects of interior design is that it is an art form where almost anything goes. Designers are only limited by their imagination. Taste in interior design, just like in music is hugely diverse and has led to fusions of styles, which, in turn, have led to the huge popularity in eclectic interior design.

There is no easy way to define eclectic interior design. Perhaps the best way to describe the genre is to say that it is a marriage of many styles. Indeed, very often, eclecticism in design leads to the birth of new subgenres. Good examples of the eclectic interior style can be seen all over the world and are evident in abundance wherever you go in places such as New York and Miami.

Bring out the best in you.

So, it should come as no surprise that it’s a format that Michele has readily incorporated into her work as a top New York City interior designer. Eclectic style, for Michele, is all about taking the client’s favourite styles and blending them using her own design flair to create a unique style that stands out; a statement that says as much about the client’s personality and character as much as it does about the designers skill. For both New York City interior design projects and interior design projects in Miami, FL, Michele has blended many many styles based on her instincts and her client’s intentions.

Eclecticism in interior design is all about mixing rather than matching. It’s about combining different types of colour, finish, texture and shape to achieve the desired result. When done well, the results can be stunning. Good examples can be found in our portfolio. Check out the Miami Penthouse, or the Brussels Duplex projects in Michele’s interior design portfolio to see eclectic design at work.

In these and other projects, you’ll see asian influences sitting comfortably alongside traditional elements, or a modern approach given a twist with cultural inspiration from a far-flung land. Many clients are surprised to discover that eclectic styling can fit the commercial setting, such as office or restaurant, equally as well as a residential home.