Because great design is recognised the world over.

Cheaper air travel has meant people are travelling more than ever. And when they do, they take culture and art with them. This has meant that, along the way, many ethnic elements have become incorporated into interior design projects, forming a global style all of its own.

Incorporating global design and décor into a project means the interior designer must draw on their experience in a number of international and ethnic styles. Whether it be fabrics from Uzbekistan or Turkey, inlaid furniture from Syria, tiles from Morocco, alpaca covers from Argentina, vintage English collectibles, Italian porcelain, African artifacts, or the vibrant colors of India, all these can be combined to form what is now widely recognized as global interior design.

Let the world be your playground.
For the interior designer, these projects, whether residential or commercial, can be some of the most exciting. Blending these different forms of ethnic décor and art to create truly global interior design takes an experienced eye and a unique talent.

For the client, it’s an opportunity to travel without leaving their home, or office. Or, perhaps, to rekindle memories from special places they’ve visited. For some, global design is like a picture-book through past travels and a way to show appreciation for traditions and cultures they admire.

There’s something very authentic about global interior design too. The craftsmanship that has gone into creating the elements often comes from an artisan and traditional background. That’s not to say that the result is always traditional. By combining different ethnic themes, the result can be quirky and eclectic. It’s the interior designer’s role to create the right balance between all the elements.

Whether you’re inspired by New York, Europe, Africa or Asia, Michele’s multi-cultural background and international portfolio of work gives her the expertise to create a truly global space for you. Call 212-439-1818 to find out how.