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Modern, or contemporary, interior design takes in a range of styles and, contrary to its nomenclature, can apply to much older interior projects. In reality, the idea of modern interior design dates back to the Bauhaus School of Design in Germany in 1919 and can theoretically be applied to any style that incorporates innovations from the intervening years.

The main driver behind modern interior design has been scientific advances in the materials and technology used. Clearly, over the last few decades, there has been a huge leap forwards in both and in their application when it comes to interior design. These advances have had a huge influence on interior design you see today, simply because, the resources weren’t there previously.

Step into the here and now.
Mostly though, modern interior design in typified by an uncluttered look using modern, hi-tech materials and practical furnishings. In Michele’s projects, you’ll see the incorporation of open spaces that add to the functional look.

Sometimes less is more, and you can see how effective this approach can be in the Michele Safra portfolio. The Miami Penthouse or the New York apartment are good examples. Here, clean lines, a minimalist approach to accessories and highly functional furnishings throughout showcase the best in contemporary design.

Of course, contemporary interior design such as this is perhaps most seen in commercial premises such as modern office buildings and the best restaurants. However, it also finds a place in the modern home, mostly in condos and some co-op dwellings, where a modern makeover can lend a clean, sophisticated air and can even be used to give the viewer the feeling that they have been transported into the future.

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