New York – Welcome to a world of creativity…

It’s hardly surprising that Michele chose New York as one of the bases for her interior design firm. NY is one of the undisputed melting pots of culture, diversity and taste in the US, if not the world!

When it comes to architecture, interior décor and art, New York is an inspirational place for creatives and artists from every discipline. Upper East Side, Lower East Side, East Village, West Village, Soho, Tribeca, Chelsea; everywhere you go in Manhattan has a personality all of its own. And, within these places, you’ll find equal diversity in the restaurants, bars, clubs, offices, design stores and showrooms.

As an interior designer in New York, Michele has had the opportunity to develop her talent and experiment with new interior designs styles on an unparalleled scale. From residential condos and co-ops to commercial projects involving offices and restaurants, both traditional and eclectic, New York has provided Michele with a truly unrivalled palette for her talent.
…where the only limits are in your imagination.
New York offers the widest, most diverse choice of spaces, from pre-war construction to modern condo developments and co-ops. The result is, when it comes to interior design, in New York, the artist gets an appreciation for a range of global styles that can’t be found in any other single location. It’s then down to the unique talent of each interior designer to adapt, craft and blend those styles to match an equally diverse array of tastes.

From the contemporary to the classic, from the eclectic to the traditional, from the rustic to ultra-modern and everything in-between, these are the reasons so many decorators and interior designers find their place in New York City.

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