Project Description


A Room With a View

Here’s a great example of combining contemporary design with traditional Miami style in a seashore apartment flooded with space and light. The visitor’s first impressions when entering this home are formed from the stunning views of ocean and sky, but our brief was to make the space feel more grounded. This we achieved by limiting glass in the interior and anchoring the space with large pieces of furniture.

To temper the expansive feel of this spacious condo, our interior design team added touches of French Art Deco, which gave the space an eclectic feel, helped to balance out the natural light and added extra points of focus for the viewer.

The owner’s personality is reflected too. Here and there, tinges of humour appear in the accessories used and this too plays a role in subduing the minimalist expanse of the condo.

In the master the owners opted for a palette of blues and whites, strategically situating the bed in the centre for the scenic views and using the placement to separate the sitting area and the sleeping area.

In a second bedroom a turquoise wall mirrors the sea and sky. Light fixtures in organic and shell-like shapes continue the theme while orange lamps provide accents of color. Prints of shells in the den add to marine theme.

The guest bedroom has taken on an English colonial feel through the inclusion of an ornamental wooden headboard, among other rustic items of furniture.

For a fresh, cool look, we used white linen to upholster the sofa and ottomans in the den.

Throughout, eclectic accents were included by introducing tribal accents in the form of pillows, rugs and African baskets scattered around this spectacular condo. Of course, these same eclectic elements could work equally well in a New York residence.

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