Project Description


Where new world style meets old world grandeur

Creating a stylish, yet functional space for a family can be a daunting task for an interior designer. The challenge with such interior design projects is that there’s more than one person sharing the space and that means creating a beautiful home that appeals to everyone’s sense of taste and design.

In the case of this NY family, the husband wanted a formal space where he could entertain. At the same time, the wife did not want the space to feel like a museum; she was seeking something comfortable, eclectic and cosy. There were children to please also. The master bedroom takes on an exotic eastern feel, while another is decorated in red and white hues with an added touch of 70s nostalgia.

Fortunately, combining a variety of styles in a single residential space is something we do very well at Michele Safta Interiors. From the old worldly air of the entrance hallway to the apartment to the cosy elegance of the living room, we developed a home that had something for everyone, yet still felt seamless in its design. Note the hard carved marble mantel adorned with classical motifs.

The dining room features period French furniture and eye-catching wallpaper to transport the beholder back in time. Marble mosaic in the powder-room continues this theme.

The emphasis is on comfort with upholstered sofas beset with cushions in warm colours, yet there are grander elements too harking back to a time of grandeur and opulence, such as the Louis XVI writing desk, Empire chairs and ornate alabaster ceiling-work. The coffee table is particularly interesting, custom-made in scagliola, an old Italian technique.

Although this project was based in New York, it’s a theme that work equally well in Miami or any other large conurbation. Certainly, we feel we excelled on this particular challenging brief. Take a look and see what you think…

…then imagine what we could do for your home! Call 212-439-1818 for your consultation.