Project Description


French Elegance in New York

A traditional and elegant French look was what was required for this pied-à-terre in one of New York’s finest hotels. The brief might have seemed straightforward but our client also wanted to keep some works of art, such as their Botero collection, in place. This meant that we would have to make sure that our French makeover didn’t clash with the more contemporary elements of design already at play within the apartment. Certainly, the residents of this apartment would require 21st century comfort, so this had to factored into the interior design also.

With this in mind, our interior designer gave the living room an injection of French elegance by installing Louis XVI style white wood panels with gilded moulding, handcrafted in the French tradition. A neutral palette was the preferred option to provide the backdrop for the Botero painting. The contemporary influence was provided by a large, modern and luxurious sofa with Bergeres coffee table, complemented by Louis XV chairs and antique side-tables, thus achieving a perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern comfort.

We knew that it was the entrance hallway where first impressions would be formed so we paid particular attention to detail here, adding a long oriental rug and an impressive Botero sculpture atop a podium at the end of the hall to draw the viewer’s eye along its length.

Only the best was good enough for the Plaza Hotel Apartment. If you feel the same way about your home or business, get in touch! Call 212-439-1818.