Project Description


Eastern Magic Meets Western Decadence

Facing onto the East River in New York, this project consisted of an entire renovation, transforming the existing space into an authentic Upper East Side residence – everything a desirable, modern New York apartment should be! This was a project that would bring out the best in any good interior designer.

As fitting with the location, the apartment was to have modern interiors, but it also needed to be inviting, warm and functional. Indeed, what we had here was a typical example of classic for current living.

On entering the apartment, visitors are given an appetizer for what is to come. A reception area containing a modern light pendant above a classic stone table happily co-exists alongside a Lucite banquette, modern works of art by Christo and a highly contemporary floor lamp. We’re also introduced to the color scheme – taupe and red with accents of orange and purple.

It was important for the client to have a personal interior designer that was able to really bring the brief to life. In this case, the living room had to be subdivided into three distinctive zones. This meant hiring a modern interior decorator with a knowledge of classic interior design, who could make the space work for intimacy, as well as large gatherings. The client specifically requested that a number of people should be able to sit comfortably in a circle throughout the dwelling.

Although the general feel of this Upper East Manhattan residence is contemporary and modern, the client wanted to have a room that reflected her passion for ethnic interiors and global interior design style. We were able to achieve this in several locations, such as in the daughter’s room where a Moroccan style headboard has been upholstered in an Indian style fabric and accented with ethnic lamps, tables, a mirror and other accessories. Even, in the den, a Chinese style cabinet, given a modern makeover in gloss chrome, still manages to contribute the ethnic theme, charged with oriental allure.

The kitchen remodeling in this Manhattan apartment is particularly exceptional. The sleek white kitchen has been punctuated with splashes of red, keeping with the overall colour scheme, while the white glass splashback, lacquer cabinets and marble floor all contribute to the stark, lean and clean look – precisely what the client wanted.

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