It’s all about you.

More than any other project, residential interior design is all about the person who is going to live in that space. Practicality and function is important, but so is personality and style. For Michele, it’s all about creating interior design that matches the lifestyle of the person (or people) and blending that vision with a look that reflects their identity.

This can mean something completely different for different person. After all, everyone is unique. We all enjoy different types of lifestyle. For example, a more active person may want a space that exudes energy, whereas a sociable sort may use their home for entertaining or relaxing. Then, of course, there are eclectic people who manage mix many different types of lifestyle. Experience has taught Michele that, for these clients, combining a mix of traditional, modern and timeless styles brings about the best results.

Express yourself.

For residential design projects, it’s essential that the interior designer gets to know the client intimately. Whether your interests are food, music, technology, fitness, or any other specialist areas, these are elements that we will incorporate into the basic design of your place.

Very often, a client will come to us not exactly knowing what they want and this is where the interior designer really gets the opportunity to shine. These are some of the projects that Michele really loves to get involved with. Working closely with you, Michele can become your pathway to creativity, whether you live in a NY apartment or a Miami condo. All you need to do is take the first step.

From a colour scheme to accessories to a complete makeover, Michele Safra can help you create the perfect space for your residential needs. Call 212-439-1818.