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Trends come and go, but some interior design, like a favorite pair of jeans or a little black dress, never go out of fashion. This is why we interior designers will refer to this type of interior as ‘timeless’. That’s not to say it’s replicated, boring or staid. Timeless design can be stunningly classy and can work in a wide range of environments and settings, be it residential or commercial.

You’ll see examples of timeless interior design just about everywhere you go: in residential homes, condos, co-op apartments, restaurants and commercial premises, particularly old-world professional services. But, it has to be done well to stand out. Really good examples will catch the eye, like a diamond gleaming in the rough.
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For Michele, timeless design is achieved through the delicate balance of the elements used, manipulating symmetry, often with neutral palettes and classic lines to create a style that is both somehow recognizable yet still distinctly unique. It’s in the subtlety of this approach that Michele is able to create a style that reflects the uniqueness of your personality or your brand.

The great artists, such as Massimo Vignelli, refer to timeless design as intellectually elegant. Here, there is no room for vulgarity. Timelessness means a style that’s been around a while yet can be refined and tweaked to complement the personality of the person that resides in that space. And that can say more that words ever can .

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