What’s your favourite tradition?

Traditional interior design embraces many elements of style from across the ages. Most often, the style is seen in period furniture such as18th or 19th Century French or English pieces. In window treatment, traditional interior design is exemplified by rich swags-and-panels and the use of vivid color.

Fabrics popular in traditional interior design tend to be damasks, often accented with florals and stripes. Decorators and interior designers will often employ trims, tassels and fringes to accentuate the traditional elements. Good examples of traditional interior design can be found in grand residential homes, although traditional style can be effective in an office too, adding a air of sophistication, especially in age old professions, such as law firms or accountancy practices.

From New York to Miami and everywhere in-between…
Of course, you’ll see plenty of examples of traditional interior design in pre-war homes. Park Avenue in Manhattan, for instance, is well-known as the home of traditional interior design in New York. Here is where the interior designer will find that client tastes are often more formal than elsewhere.

Today, the trend is for many residential and commercial clients to look for traditional interior design subtly merged with more contemporary elements. This requires an eye for the old world, as well as the new, in order to give traditional style a more relaxed and less formal look. This is becoming the case in cities across the US, such as Miami, Atlantic City and New Orleans.

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